Custom Distress, Local Pick Ups - Pants, Jeans, Denims

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We are now offering our service to custom distress your pants and denims!

Serving customers in Winnipeg only... for now!

Perfect your streetwear fit without breaking the bank on a designer ripped denim. You can give us one of your old denims, a thrift shop denim, or even a favourite of yours, and we can add that distressed vintage look that you love.

Once you have purchased this service online, you will receive an email with further instructions!


Pricing chart:

 Basics The minimal distress to add a slight flair to your outfit $12.00
Extra White Threads/Custom Define your style with a custom look or get those extra white threads that everyone loves! $17.00
Basics Plus Large Rips Streetwear essential rips at the knee and more! $15.00
Bleach Add an extra dimension of wear and tear to your denims with a bit of bleach $3.00
Self-Drop/Self-Pickup You will be the one to drop off and then pick up your clothing from our designated location Free!
Local Delivery In Winnipeg We will pick up and drop off your clothing once it is finished $4.00
Finishing Wash A complimentary wash to finish the look Free!


Please leave us your current address and contact information at the checkout in order for us to reach you. 

By requesting delivery, you are indicating that you need us to come to your house and grab the clothing, as well as drop it off when the service has been completed. If you change your mind and would prefer to come get it yourself after the online purchase has been made, that is your choice, but a refund will not be issued for delivery.

*Deliveries not yet available*

By requesting Self-pickup, you are indicating that you will be the one to drop off the clothing before the service, and pick it up from our designated location after the service is complete. There is no extra charge for pickups.

Read our Terms and Conditions before purchasing

*We reserve the right to charge up to $15 cash for emergency deliveries