Our Story

Streetwear is what you choose to represent.

And when it comes to our streetwear, the focus is to represent...


A dedicated, creative, and passionate individual. 

We aim to provide iconic high quality apparel that stands for something positive.

BE MORE is a movement, and it means what it means: Never fail to progress.

We also started this brand to inspire young people to pursue personal greatness in education, entrepreneurship, and the arts. We live to collaborate and help young people reach their dreams. 

So what are you waiting for?

Join this movement to be more

About Us

Great Leopard Apparel is a streetwear company and lifestyle brand that began operations in 2016. The founders operate out of Winnipeg (That's in Canada), but we do not have any store fronts at the moment. However, we sell and ship our products worldwide through our online store! Our brand encourages people to pursue their passions, improve themselves, and achieve their personal goals.

We do this by:

  1. Delivering premium streetwear that represents our values
  2. Highlighting emerging talents, businesses, and people in our website & blog
  3. Sharing various tips, tricks, and self-improvement articles with our readers 
  4. Giving back to the world and our local communities

Mission and Vision

Our vision is to create a community that shares ideas, talents, and experiences, in the hopes of inspiring others to follow their passions as well. Our mission is to inspire a generation to believe in their own abilities, find their hidden potential, and be more.

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So... why did you name your brand "Great Leopard"?

Every individual has hidden and unknown talents, passions, abilities, and potential. Much like a leopard that stays hidden in plain sight. Only when we unlock our hidden potential, can we truly be the greatest version of ourselves.

"When the opportunity presents itself, the leopard strikes swiftly, confidently, and with shocking power."

The leopard is a symbol of who we ought to be, but only if we are brave enough to allow it.

Giving Back - ESR

We are always working on ways to give back to our community in more ways than one. We care about improving the lives of those who are less fortunate, increasing the literacy and education in our local cities, and making a positive impact on the world and generations to come. 

Project Give More

Project Give More is an ongoing initiative and is linked to our belief in Entrepreneurial Social Responsibility, which to us means that businesses of all sizes should do something to give back to society, or at least lessen any negative effects that they may be causing in the environment.

Current Initiatives

More updates regarding Project Give More coming soon!


    GL Local Features

    We love to meet new people and highlight the talents, businesses, and artistry that our city (Winnipeg) has to offer. If you have a compelling story about your passion, talent, or business, we want to know! You could be featured in our "Locale Features" blog!

    Email us at greatleopardapparel@gmail.com and answer the following:

    1. Brief introduction of who you are, or what your business is about
    2. How did you begin doing what you do? 
    3. Did you go through any struggles in your journey to where you are now?
    4. Why are you passionate about what you do?

     Price: Free - If chosen!

    We will notify you if we have decided to put you in our website blog or not. We may also ask you for a personal interview and a free photoshoot! Thank you to all who submit their amazing stories! 


    If you'd like to ask us some questions, please write to us at greatleopardapparel@gmail.com 

    Follow us on social media to keep in touch.