Introducing: Cisha - Upcoming R&B and Soul Artist

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Introducing: Cisha - Upcoming R&B and Soul Artist

Cisha is an 18 year old Winnipeg artist with a voice of her own. 

The featured image is Cisha performing at Fools and Horses Cafe in Downtown Winnipeg (379 Broadway) as a special event to celebrate Black History month. Cisha performed her original music alongside other artists such as MC Woke, NDU Delta, and Lisa Bell. 

The event was run by Stream Winnipeg and Raw Colours as a collaboration, with help from other contributors such as Fools and Horses Cafe. The event was also covered by a local news station!








Photo Credits to Christian Narciso: @criswalkz @viewsualmedia

Cisha was very excited to perform for this show and approached us for some gear. She is pictured here wearing our Great Leopard Large Badge T! 

Our team showed up to support and we were blown away by her talent and vocals. Cisha has her own soulful style, a great voice, and a refreshingly positive attitude towards life. It's great how all of this shines through her music.

Probably the only thing more impressive than her vocal skill, is her drive to succeed. Cisha is working on more music and said she will be releasing more of her own music this year with producer Infinity Zan. 

Cisha is also finding time to collab with other artists and producers to create her sound. 

There is definitely more to come for Cisha, so keep an eye out for her! 

Subscribe to her YouTube Channel here

Check her vocals on this cover of James Bay's Let It Go:

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