A Rendezvous with Creme DeL'essence

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A Rendezvous with Creme DeL'essence

A couple of weeks ago we had the chance to meet up with the owners and entrepreneurs behind the Winnipeg based French Fusion Restaurant "Creme DeL'essence", which is situated at 1833 Inkster Boulevard in North Winnipeg. They let us in and we had an awesome exclusive interview, talking about ice cream, taking chances, and ... Naruto!?

RJ Urbano and Ryan Sandiego are very cool and hard-working young guys with a love for what they do best: serving top-quality food and delivering amazing service to their customers. I am really looking forward to sharing the full interview with you guys, however we are having some issues since our audio equipment was a bit faulty that day. That sucked, but these are lessons learned for us as well, and we'll try to have some videos out for you soon. 

To make up for that I've decided to do a pre-post blog to showcase the restaurant and my personal take-aways from my interview with RJ and Ryan.

My personal thoughts on the restaurant 

Personally, I've been to Creme DeL'essence more than 3 times and I have not been disappointed yet. They have delicious food and a humble space in the North end (Maples and Tyndall Park area) which is neatly placed on Inkster boulevard. The mere fact that such a unique restaurant resides in this part of the city makes me happy, because if you've lived in this area, you know it's not usually the place to go for a special dining experience. However, Creme DeL'essence is changing all of that. Now, I didn't really mean for this post to be some sort of "restaurant review", but I think it's worth mentioning that you should try this place for yourself. I'm not trying to over-hype it or anything like that, but here's my top reasons you should try Creme DeL'essence:

  1. The food was delicious, classy, and unique in flavour (Where else are you getting a foie-ffle?)
  2. The actual restaurant is in the North-end Maples/Tyndall area, which would be a plus if you live in that vicinity. If not, it's still worth a drive from anywhere in Winnipeg. Seriously you could drive across the whole city in 30 minutes, stop complaining!
  3. The brunch menu is mouthwatering, but they also have unique ice cream flavours and toppings made in house (I think I tried black sesame and green tea) 
  4. I'd say Creme is probably unique enough to be a Winnipeg thing, so take your friends and family here when they're in town!
  5. And last but not least, #SupportLocal


"If you've lived in this area, you know it's not usually the place to go for a special dining experience. However, Creme DeL'essence is changing all of that"


Recap on the interview 

When I came to these guys with my questions, I honestly thought we would run out of things to talk about. But we quickly went by 30 minutes in our interview and they had some really insightful things to say about their business and what they've learned in the past couple of years. RJ and Ryan took very unexpected paths to creating Creme DeL'essence, and one of the reasons why they are successful now is because they seized the opportunities that were in front of them. Another noteworthy thing is that these guys are in their 20's... which I think is both awesome and inspiring. I think it's just really a testament to the drive that these guys have. They work hard every day to provide something unique to their customers and they love what they do. It just goes to show it doesn't matter who you are, how old you are, or where you're from; it's never too early to start working on your dreams.

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