It’s Getting Hot In Here, So Take Off Some Of Your Clothes!

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It’s Getting Hot In Here, So Take Off Some Of Your Clothes!

Blogger: Sebastian

(Cover photo by Christoffer Engstrom)

Summer is officially here and if you’re like me, I’m freaking out! We’re already at the halfway mark of 2017. Where has the time gone? Where’s my summer body!? Summer means that days are going to last longer, temperatures are rising, and popular places such as Disneyland are going to be even more packed. Perfect. Okay, I’ll stop being a debby downer and focus on the great things about Summer, fashion-wise.

With temperatures reaching triple digits in a lot of places, this heat will give everyone the perfect excuse to wear less clothing (like we needed an excuse before...Am I right Halloween costume enthusiasts?). Coastline cities will be flooding with half naked individuals, all summer long. Let’s be real though, we can’t ALWAYS wear tank tops and flip flops everywhere we go. Here’s why I’m giving you some simple fashion tips that can keep you looking hot, without breaking a sweat!

T-Shirt: Lightweight, comfortable, and fun, soft colors. Keep this in mind when choosing a shirt that will be joining you all day. Short sleeve button ups and polos can certainly be included, but definitely keep in mind the three essentials. Personally, I enjoy wearing shirts that are made of 70% cotton and 30% polyester. These are light and comfortable, a perfect combo for those scorching hot days. When it comes to colors and designs, don’t be afraid to be bold! Summer is meant to be fun and worry free. Look for pieces that embody Summer; palm trees, flamingos, pastel colors, nautical stripes, etc. Check out our line up of t-shirts, which come in light colors to keep you cool.

(Photo By Clem Onojeghuo)

Shorts: These are staples to your ensemble. The same three essentials from above can be applied to shorts. Make sure they’re light and comfortable to last you all day without becoming a nuisance. Shorts come in various lengths but for a modern look that will be sure to keep you fresh, have the cut right above the knee. Having a repetitive design can an add a pop to any wardrobe but be sure not to pair too many designs together. For me, I either add the pop with my shorts or my shirt, never both.

  • Tip: Look into hybrid shorts, which can get wet and quickly dry. You just never know when you need to jump in a pool!

(Photo By Sirotorn Sumpunkulpak)

Shoes: A low top design is the way to go in the summer. Remember, we’re wearing less here. You can never go wrong with a simple, white pair of sneakers. White goes with everything so these are a must have in your closet. I know I love the sneakers from H&M, which are affordable and can complete your look.

(Photo By Yaoqi LAI)

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