Donate To GL and Habitat For Humanity

Donate To GL and Habitat For Humanity

Like every single business and organization out there, there is one thing that is necessary: financial support. Great Leopard continues to work hard by empowering local businesses, artists, and other talented individuals. But most of the time, we do this out of our own pocket. Until we have complete stability, we will keep this donation "product" available so you can donate to us in increments of $5. 

Here's what we use your donations for:

  • Creating and developing new and unique streetwear
  • Keeping our website and blog online for our readers
  • Building homes for low income families in Manitoba through a $1 Donation to Habitat for Humanity (HFH)  for every $5 of donations.

Did you know: For every $1.00 donated to Habitat for Humanity, there is a $4.00 benefit returned to the community 

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Below is a table of the amounts you would be able to donate based on how many of this $5 donation you purchase:

 Number purchased
Amount you have donated in total
Amount given to HFH