The Team


Joshua Alcantara

CEO and co-founder

Joshua is a young entrepreneur from Winnipeg who strives to make his mark on the world through his brand and business. He cares about providing street wear to other people just like him; people who have a positive outlook on life, and are determined to succeed in following their dreams. Joshua started Great Leopard Apparel to learn more about entrepreneurship, and in the process he has created a movement of positivity and a worldwide brand. Joshua hopes to meet new passionate individuals and fellow entrepreneurs in his journey, and his mission is to to inspire others to be more in everything that they do. 


Christian Narciso

Director of Media and co-founder 

Christian is an experienced photographer and videographer who has a passion for learning and growth. He loves to grow his network and find new ways to help people with his skill set. Christian isn't afraid to try new things and works hard to make success happen.

Cherisse de Chavez

Denim Distresser

Cherisse has been selling denim cutoffs and making custom distressed jeans since 2010. Initially, she “destroyed” her first pair of denim shorts for herself to wear in 2009. After getting several requests from friends and acquaintances, she started offer a collection containing a select number of her hand-made pieces for purchase every year during the spring and summer seasons, all of which continually sell out before the end of the summer.

Extending her interests and expertise, Cherisse now also designs and sews her own original clothing, mainly using eco-friendly fabrics as she integrates her two great passions— apparel design and environmental sustainability.

More Coming Soon!